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At The Seattle School, we know the future of the church is drastically different than the church of the past. That’s why we’ve designed a Master of Divinity program that is shaping theological leaders for the new landscape. The Seattle School takes an integrative approach to education: academic rigor combined with practical application and personal engagement. Our goal is to prepare people to be transformational – to further their own personal transformation, and to integrate that transformation with awareness and skill, so as to make a seismic impact for the Kingdom in the world.

The Seattle School had the new parish in mind when it designed the Master of Divinity. Multi-denominational, interdisciplinary, progressive, and flexible, The Seattle School MDiv is a pioneering program designed to train you for the church that is and is coming, not the church that was. Where many MDiv programs focus on knowing what it is to pastor, The Seattle School MDiv will holistically train you to know, be, and do the work of pastoring in this ever-changing cultural landscape.

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Where Will The Seattle School MDiv Take You?

Ordination & Pastoral Leadership

Many MDiv students come to The Seattle School with the goal of stepping into an established church organization or denomination. And The Seattle School works to help these students succeed in their goal. As The Seattle School has grown as an interdenominational organization, a number of students from varying backgrounds have graduated and received ordination from their specific denomination. The Seattle School has partnered with many denominations to create a more seamless experience as well as allowing students to incorporate required ordination classes not offered through our MDiv from other seminaries. This flexibility means that even more stringent denominations have ordained our unique and gifted students.

Our students have completed field experience at dozens of ministry settings and many have gone on to receive ordination from a variety of denominations, including:

Field Experience Sites

  • Elim Baptist Church
  • Emmaus Road Christian Reformed Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Gift of Grace Lutheran Church
  • Vineyard Community Church
  • Seattle Chinese Alliance Church
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  • Trinity United Methodist Church


  • Disciples of Christ
  • Lutheran
  • Mennonite
  • Baptist
  • Non-denominational
  • Episcopal (regionally)
  • United Church of Christ
  • Vineyard

Our focus at The Seattle School goes beyond knowing and into being and doing the work of pastoring. What this means is that our degree is rooted in the practice of pastoral leadership – not only in your knowledge of the theological and philosophical aspects of our faith, but in your personal narrative and missional relationships. Our church leaders are trained to listen to the biblical text as well as their parish and neighborhood, and to respond with humility and conviction.

Alumnae Meredith Dancause
Adult Life Pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church

022413-1In my time at The Seattle School I was trained both academically as well as professionally. The MDiv program is unique in that it drew me deeper into God’s story through Biblical and theological studies, but also my own personal story – this has been an invaluable aspect of my career. In my work as a pastor I am primarily in teaching roles, both in smaller groups as well as thousands on a Sunday morning. I have learned how to speak to the heart with wisdom, intelligence, and grace because of my training with the faculty.

Connect with us about the ORDINATION & PASTORAL LEADERSHIP MDiv Pathway.

Military & Hospital Chaplaincy

Having emotional and therapeutic intelligence allows you to be a healing presence in the midst of the complex issues such as disease, death, war, and imprisonment. The Seattle School uniquely prepares chaplains to enter into relationship with those that are impacted by these difficult issues.

Students learn to journey with others through dark and unknown places with an authentic presence and deep compassion. They are able to hold both grief and joy, fear and hope. The skills and training necessary to be a chaplain are central in the MDiv program – you will graduate knowing your story in order to help others step into their own story.

Clinical Pastoral Education Credits – Seattle School students desiring CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) credentials can complete their training during their enrollment in the MDiv program at any Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) approved sites.

The Seattle School curriculum is interdisciplinary at its core and our MDiv program naturally includes substantial coursework in the realm of counseling psychology and cultural studies. Coursework that is especially helpful for chaplaincy candidates are:

Alumnae Kate Sweet
Spiritual Care Resident at Harborview Medical Center

kate_sweetMy time at The Seattle School created fertile soil yielding abundant growth in the areas of ongoing personal transformation and deepening spirituality. I have become more rooted in grace, self-knowledge, and a desire to seek God within my relationships. As a result, I am able to accompany others with greater integrity and courage through some of life’s most challenging moments.

Connect with us about the MILITARY & HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY MDiv Pathway.

Doctoral Preparation

The MDiv at The Seattle School emphasizes praxis rooted in critical thought. Students are put through the rigors and challenges of academic study. Our commitment to a thorough education is evident by our student’s ability to engage in deep theological dialogue with curiosity. Students are set up to continue their academic plans through the DMin or PhD programs of their choice.

The Integrative Project serves as a capstone that articulates theological work around your specific field of study and sets you up to graduate as a life-long learner around your particular passions and calling. MDiv students interested in further education use their Integrative Project to discern which academic direction they will go in.

Alumnae Kj Swanson
PhD Candidate at University of St Andrews

kj_swansonThe Seattle School not only prepared me to pursue a PhD, it shaped my dream of doing it. The academic environment of The Seattle School fostered in me a desire to seek deeper questions instead of simple answers. Humility, curiosity and the willingness to be transformed are hallmarks of how The Seattle School engages theology, psychology, and culture. It shaped me to value these qualities within learning and within relationship, equipping me to face the competitive environment of higher academia with a spirit that values dialogue, discovery, and interpersonal transformation. The Seattle School did not merely feed my love of learning — it taught me to learn with the aim of loving.

Connect with us about the DOCTORAl PREPARATION MDiv Pathway.

Neighborhood & Parish Renewal

At The Seattle School, we imagine the role of the pastor going beyond the walls of the church and into the community that surrounds them. We are developing social architects – women and men who are embodying the gospel mission of loving your neighbor. This focus gives students a context to develop their theology rather than simply working in the abstract.

The MDiv trains you to be a partner and collaborator with those already doing restorative work in your neighborhood. As the lines between church parish and neighborhood blur, pastors begin to discover a richer, more complex setting for the Kingdom of God to manifest. Alumni who step into their calling for neighborhood renewal move beyond spiritual leaders. They inhabit their location through community advocacy, green practices, local business growth, or even through community gardens and potluck dinners.

Alumnus Andrew Carlson
Pastor of Liturgy for Awake Church

andrew_carlsonBecause of my MDiv education, I have discovered the Eucharistic quality of a community meal. The Seattle School helped me develop a fuller understanding of “love your neighbor” and has equipped me to serve my neighbors the Eucharist.

Connect with us about the NEIGHBORHOOD RENEWAL MDiv Pathway.

Global & Social Engagement

The impact of globalization on culture, communities and, specifically, on the church has changed the theological and sociological landscape. The Seattle School has been focused on developing ministers to be leaders of reconciliation in places of tension – in our neighborhoods and faith communities, but on a global scale as well.

Our students are bridge-builders – they are equipped to be innovative in finding ways to listen and partner with the disenfranchised and carry out inter-faith, multicultural conversations. The MDiv education trains you to be uniquely positioned for global and social partnerships as pastors, missionaries, and community developers. These ministers of reconciliation have vocational hopes of stepping into places of injustice and oppression in nuanced ways partnering with nonprofits, para-church organizations, and churches.

Alumnus Richard Kim
Consultant for Intercultural Credibility at The Seattle School

richard_kimOur neighborhoods and communities are rapidly changing. As organizations seek ways to connect with their changing surroundings, culture provides a framework for understanding these changes. Pastoring is about engaging people who are unique and different but at the same time, realizing they are deeply connected. Because of my MDiv from The Seattle School, I am able to engage the complexity of cultural categories while keeping in mind the deeper work of connecting and reconciling people.

Connect with us about the Global & Social Engagement MDiv Pathway.

Church Revitalization

While many MDiv graduates are called to start new church experiences, others are called back into churches that need renewal and revitalization. Our MDiv program cultivates an artistic creativity for future-pastors to reimagine what it means to be the church, while still holding on to the traditions and cultural values of the church community.

As Seattle School pastors breath new life into often dying contexts, they do so with a missional focus. Because our program cultivates a rich sense of cultural awareness, our MDiv graduates are able to do the work of church revitalization with wisdom, humility, and radical hospitality.

Alumnus Rev. Jonathan Myers
Vicar of GEORGE: A Center for Community and Curate at St. Andrews Seattle

jon_myersThe Seattle School has trained me to engage my inner resistance to change. This has opened my posture toward those who outwardly resist organizational or cultural change so that I may help them gracefully see the future of the church.

Connect with us about the CHURCH REVITALIZATION MDiv Pathway.

Rachael Clinton is the Admissions Counselor for Theological Programs at The Seattle School and an MDiv alumnae. She's here to help you learn more about the ways The Seattle School Master of Divinity resonates with your vocational hopes and calling and to be a support to your discernment process.

Why The Seattle School MDiv

The Seattle School Master of Divinity degree emerges from the belief that theology is alive only as it is lived in community. Graduates are sent out with a missional and reimagined vision for the church, serving as provocateurs of change in their neighbors and communities. Explore some of the pathways our graduates have taken with their Master of Divinity.

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